Society of St. Vincent de Paul Chicago

Conference Member Q&A

When Prince of Peace in Lake Villa, Illinois started its conference in 2011, parishioner Tami Rohr immediately decided SVdP was a call she was ready to answer. She wanted to help others, and confident her professional sales experience and excellent communication skills would prove invaluable, especially during home visits. "I used to go into people's homes to sell the Rainbow Cleaning System. I'm very comfortable meeting and talking to people for the first time," she said.

We asked Tami to share some of her experiences as well as personal thoughts on being a SVdP conference member:

Tami Rohr

Q: What are some unique programs you've been involved in that have worked really well in helping those in need?
A: Twinning with some of the other conferences has really worked well in helping clients. We also just gave backpacks filled with school supplies to many of our clients to help with their back to school needs.

Q: Do you have a "wow" moment you'd like to share? In other words, a time when you were able to make a significant impact on an individual or family in need.
A: I had a client whose electricity was turned off and they owed a rather large amount of money to get it turned back on. I left the home visit not sure we could help this family but I contacted several other SVdP conferences and with the help of many conferences contributing what they could, we were able to get the clients electricity turned back on.

Q: Are there any obstacles you've encountered when trying to help someone? If so, how did you overcome them?
A: It's very difficult when a client has used all the resources available and we can't resolve their problem. One of the ways to overcome this is to just be there for them by listening and offering moral support and prayers.

Q: What does your family think about your involvement with SVdP?
A: My family thinks it is great that I can help so many local families with their needs. They have realized that there are more needs than they ever imagined.

Q: What would or do your fellow Vincentians say about you?
A: I would hope they would say that my genuine concern for others benefits our conference.

Q: SVdP has a mission statement. What is yours?
A: My mission as a Vincentian is to assist people with their needs and show them that someone cares about them.

Q: What would you say to someone who is considering joining the Society?
A: I would tell them that it is an extremely rewarding experience to answer God's call by opening your heart to others and helping them in their time of need.

Q: If you could choose just one thing you have learned from your work with the Society, what would that one thing be?
A: All God's people need help in one way or another. Once they reach out to us for help, I have the ability to make a difference in their lives.


Prince of Peace conference members showcase some of the backpacks that were recently distributed to help children with back to school needs.